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Overview of the End-of-Life-Vehicle Directive regulation: Lead as an alloying element: Batteries to be labelled or identified Vibration dampers to be labelled or identified Wheel balance weights: Only for vehicles type-approved before 1 July and wheel balance weights intended for servicing of these vehicles, Until 1 July to be labelled or identified Vulcanising agents and stabilisers for elastomers in fluid handling and powertrain applications Until 1 July Stabiliser in protective paints Until 1 July Carbon brushes for electric motors: Copper in brake linings containing more than 0.

Vehicles type approved before 1 July and servicing on these vehicles 1 July to be labelled or identified Valve seats: Thick film pastes Until 1 July Batteries for electrical vehicles: After 31 December , the placing on the market of NiCd batteries shall only be allowed as replacement parts for vehicles put on the market before this date.

Environmental Services for the Automotive Industry. In , the European Commission adopted a Proposal for a Directive to tackle this problem.

The directive aims at reduction of waste arising from end-of-life vehicles. The scope of the directive is limited to passenger cars M1 and light commercial vehicles N1.

The directive covers aspects along the life cycle of a vehicle as well as aspects related to treatment operations. As such it aims at:.

With these targets set, the directive involves four major stakeholders, the producer, the recycling industry, the last holder and the authorities.

Each has a responsibility within the realms of its unique possibility. Waste has become an important part of EU policy. A framework of different regulations and directives exist to improve the management of waste in the EU and EFTA countries.

Landfill Directive, Incineration Directive. The product related waste regulation is subordinate to the general waste regulation. An important principle of product specific regulation is that a given product can not fall under the jurisdiction of two separate directives at the same time.

For instance, the lead acid battery in an end-of-life vehicle is covered under the ELV Directive, whereas a lead-acid battery being a replacement part during life cycle of the vehicle is subject to the Battery Directive.

To a large degree European Union environmental policy is based on directives which are only minimum requirements and allow for adaptation to the regulatory requirements and systems of the European member states.

Thus, the transposition may differ slightly country by country around Europe. Once a given member state had written its national law, it notifies its regulation with the EU Commission.

If a member state violates the provisions in its national transcription, the EU Commission is asking the authorities in the given member state to make the necessary changes.

It could even launch an infringement procedure against the country. The member states had to implement the directive in two steps. While in the first step only vehicle registered after 1 July fell under the extended producer responsibility, the second step as of 1 January covered all vehicles a given producer has ever introduced in the market place.

This study demonstrates that each year the whereabouts of 3 to 4 million ELVs across the EU is unknown and that the stipulation in the ELV Directive are not sufficient to monitor the performance of single Member States for this aspect.

The study proposed and assessed a number of options to improve the legal provisions of the ELV Directive. Updated RaidDebuffs filter and added a few from Tiago Azevedo.

Removed alert and flash in chat tabs when chat history is displayed after a login or reload. Removed IconBorder texture on BagBar bag icons.

Various font and skin tweaks. Skinned the "Unspent Talent Point" alert and positioned it near the top of the screen. Changed the default value of "Max Duration" for Target Debuffs to 0.

Included the minimap location text font in the "Apply To All" option. Reverted a backdrop color change on the TradeSkill frame.

Changed the name format used for the ElvUI nameplates. Added visibility settings to the Stance Bar. By default it will hide in vehicles and pet battles.

Added options for Combat Icon on the player unitframe. Added options for Resting Icon on the player unitframe. Added options for Health font on NamePlates.

Added option to copy a single chat line by clicking a texture on the left side of it. Added raid debuffs for the new Antorus, the Burning Throne raid.

This requires testing and feedback by users. Fixed issue with Style Filter scale action. Fixed pet type in the pet battle UI for non-English clients.

Fixed pet type in tooltip for non-English clients. Fixed issue with nameplates not updating correctly when leaving a Warframe vehicle.

Fixed issue with chat history showing incorrect name on messages from BNet friends. Fixed issue which caused auras to not respect the Max Duration setting when priority list was empty.

Fixed issue which may have caused weird behaviour with player nameplate hide delay. Fixed issue which caused some Quick Join messages in chat to be duplicated.

Fixed issue which made it impossible to target raid members in vehicles in the new raid instance. This is a temporary workaround until Blizzard fixes the issue.

Various code clean-up by Rubgrsch. Tweaked pixel perfect code. Made sure Style Filters can handle alpha with flash action.

Moved datatext gold format option into the "Currencies" tab. Raid icons will now be displayed as text in the Copy Chat window so they can be copied correctly.

Chat History now supports multiple chat windows and will display the chat history in the correct chat window according to chat settings.

Holding down the Alt key while scrolling in the chat will now scroll by 1 line. Changed Ace3 skin to no longer add border on SimpleGroup widgets.

The Quest Choice skin is now enabled by default. Added option to show Quick Join messages as clickable links in chat.

Added option to change duration text position on nameplate auras. Added option to change castbar icon position on nameplates.

Added font outline option for the Threat Bar. Fixed issue with nameplate scale not following Style Filter settings on target change.

Fixed issue with placement of microbar within its mover frame. Fixed issue which caused player unitframe to bug out when entering invasion point while in a Warframe.

Fixed error when setting text color on custom buff indicators. Fixed issue preventing you from inviting people on remote chat in Guild datatext.

Fixed issue which caused classbar to disappear from target nameplate. Fixed issue which caused enemy nameplates to break after having targeted a friendly unit in an instance and have the classbar appear above that nameplate.

Added Beacon of Virtue to Buff Indicator filter. Added more game clients to the Friends datatext. Skinned the "Skip Cinematic" popup frames.

Added a separate skin setting for Blizzard Interface Options. Changed Loot Frame mover to always be visible when movers are toggled.

Code clean-up by Rubgrsch. Updated some aura filters. Fixed error in castbar element for real this time. Fixed error in castbar element. Fixed issue creating new style filters.

Added Korean option for the "Numer Prefix Style" setting. This will allow unitframe tags to use the Korean number annotations.

If disabled it will allow it to match by spell name in addition to spell ID. Added possibility of setting alpha of the stack and duration text colors on RaidDebuff Indicator modules.

Added global option to choose which filter is used for the RaidDebuff Indicator modules. Added talent triggers for nameplate style filters.

Added instance type triggers to nameplate style filters. Added instance difficulty triggers to nameplate style filters. Added classification triggers to nameplate style filters.

Added toggle option for datatext backdrop. Disabling it will remove the backdrop completely and only show text.

Added option to hide Blizzard nameplates. If enabled then you will no longer see nameplates with the default Blizzard appearance.

This option can be found in the NamePlate General Options. Added cooldown trigger to nameplate style filters. This allows you to trigger a filter when one of your spells is either on cooldown or ready to use.

Added font options for the duration and stack text on nameplate auras. Added alpha action to nameplate style filters.

Added "name only" action to nameplate style filters. Added flash action to nameplate style filters. Added tick width option to player unitframe castbar.

Added tick color option to player unitframe castbar. Added "Auto Add New Spells" option to actionbar general options.

Added Power Threshold trigger to nameplate style filters. Added ability to match players own health in the "Health Threshold" trigger for nameplate style filters.

Added role icons to the RaidUtility frame when in a raid. Attempt more fixes towards the unit errors on nameplates. Fixed a divide by 0 error in Artifact DataBars.

Fixed issue which broke stealable border color on unitframe auras while in a duel. Fixed issue which broke item links and icons in the profile export when using table or plugin format.

Fixed issue with AP calculation on items in bags. We no longer use tooltip scanning. We have come up with a much better and accurate way of handling it.

Fixed issue with position of detection icon on nameplates when using "Name Only". Fixed issue with healer icon position when portrait is enabled on nameplates.

Fixed issue which caused the "Hide" action on nameplate style filters to incorrectly show hidden nameplates if "Hide" was disabled. Fixed issue with portrait position on nameplates when healthbar is disabled but forced to be shown on targeted nameplate.

Added and updated spell IDs in the RaidDebuffs filter. Added Veiled Argunite to the Currencies datatext tooltip. Replaced more Blizzard font elements for panels where fonts were mixed.

Various skin fixes and tweaks. Added stealable border color on nameplate auras. Moved "Reset Filter" button in the Filters section and added requirement of an additional click to execute.

Optimized handling of events for the nameplate style filters to reduce performance impact. Added new library LibArtifactPower We will use this to improve AP calculations.

Added possibility of hooking into style filter conditions. Fixed a few font elements on Blizzard panels that were not getting replaced with chosen ElvUI font.

Added skin for the CinematicFrameCloseDialog frame. Added skin for the TableAttributeDisplay frame. Added quest boss trigger to nameplate Style Filters.

Both for buffs put on enemies and players. This will reset the Filter Priority list to the default state. Added a "Reset Filter" button to all default filters in the Filters section of the config.

This will completely reset the filter to its original state and remove any spells the user added. Added 2 new special filters for Aura Filtering: These can either allow or block all auras cast by player units meaning not NPCs.

Fixed taint which prevented kicking someone from guild. Fixed issue which caused "Fluid Position" option for Player unitframe to go missing. Abeline Fixed rare error in nameplates when changing target.

Fixed issue which may have caused some nameplate elements to stay visible when nameplate was not. Fixed issue which caused nameplate mouseover highlight to stay visible until you moused over another unit.

Changed how we control state of filters used in filter priority lists. Tweaked default settings for aura filter priority lists based on feedback from users.

Added skin for NewPetAlertFrame. Removed caching of HandleModifiedItemClick to allow hooks to fire from other addons. The enabled state of a Style Filter for nameplates is now stored in your profile instead of being global.

Added "Role" to Style Filter triggers. Your current role has to match this before a filter is activated. If no role is selected then it will ignore this trigger and try to activate.

Added "Class" to Style Filter triggers. You can select which classes and specs this filter should activate for. Your current class and spec has to match this before a filter is activated.

If no spec is selected then it will only match class. Added "blockNonPersonal" special filter for aura filtering. Combine this filter with a whitelist in order to only see your own spells from this whitelist.

Changed various default settings for aura filtering in order to lessen the confusion for users. Added Veiled Argunite to Currencies datatext.

Disabled the "Boss" Style Filter by default. Fixed issue which broke the Ace3 config of other addons.

Reverted some changes to Profiles section of ElvUI. Added "Style Filters" to NamePlates, allowing you to perform various actions on specific units that match your chosen filter settings.

Added a new aura filtering system to NamePlates and UnitFrames. This new system is much more advanced and should allow you to set up the filters exactly how you want them.

Added enhanced target styles for NamePlates. A cool glow and arrows have been added, along with the ability to change their color. Added mouseover highlight to the NamePlates.

Added movement speed datatext. This will use the least amount of spacing needed. Abeline Added Portrait option to NamePlates. This was also added as an action in style filters.

Fixed an error when entering combat while game is minimized. Fixed scaling of the Leave Vehicle button on the minimap.

Hekili Fixed Bagbar buttons border size. Rubgrsch Fixed error when switching profile while having player unitframe disabled.

Fixed issue which caused unitframe tags containing literals to use OnUpdate instead of their assigned events. Martin Fixed issue which could break actionbar paging when the code contained the new-line character n Misc.

Updated a lot of skins. Rubgrsch Artifact DataBar tooltip will now show the artifact name and only show points to spend when you can actually spend some.

Default chat bubbles can now use the ElvUI chat bubble font unless it was disabled. Removed "Hide In Instance" option for chat bubbles.

Changed the max font size for General Font to a softmax. You can manually input a value higher than the slider allows. The default color in ElvUI has been changed to match the new logo.

Restructured the UnitFrame sections of the ingame config. It now uses tabs instead of the often overlooked dropdown. Added shortcut buttons to the ActionBars and UnitFrames main pages.

Fixed rare error in world map coords. Simpy Fixed "script ran too long" error when jumping from Skyhold to Dalaran.

Fixed a few "attempt to access forbidden object" errors relating to tooltip. Fixed error in reagent bank caused by trying to index a missing questIcon object.

Invalid tags on unitframes will now display the used tag text instead of [invalid tag]. Probably not complete, community will need to provide feedback and fill in the blanks.

Merathilis Units in different phases will now always have their unitframe be displayed as out of range. Various skin tweaks and fixes.

Fixed issue with display of total cast time on the player castbar when crafting multiple of the same item. Fixed issue which caused ElvUI to re-enable chat bubbles when the user had disabled them in Interface Options.

Alerts created by other addons using the WoW alert system will now follow the growth direction shown on the Alert Frame mover.

Fixed issue which prevented ready check icons from displaying correctly. Updated our DebugTools code to work with the new 7.

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elvis presley - Suspicion - Playlist The Very Best Of Elv - quickly

Fachhändler und Institutionen, die bereits Sonderkonditionen erhalten, sind von der Aktion ausgeschlossen. Unsere technischen Berater und Produktmanager unterstützen bei der Auswahl, z. Beitrags-Navigation 1 2 Nächste. Es ist in der Lage, bis zu 10 MP3-Soundfil Der Schaltaktor kann neben seiner eigentlichen Aufgabe in 2 unterschiedlich beleuchtbaren Tasterfeldern sowohl Signalisa Den momentan erstmal nur einen Fenster We apologize for the inconvenience. Added new library LibArtifactPower Added option to exclude names from Class Color Mentions. The concept of prevention is based four pillars. Fixed issue with portrait position on nameplates when healthbar is disabled but forced to be shown on targeted nameplate. It will now send a lot fewer messages in total. Added visibility settings to the Stance Bar. Added heimspiele vfb stuttgart 2019 Currencies to our Currencies Datatext. Suppressed error that could happen when you received a whisper from vulkan-casino-club friend which WoW had not provided data for yet. Added toggle option for Cutaway health on Nameplates. Added skin for the TableAttributeDisplay frame.

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